Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet and lowdown...

Somebody on one of my Yahoogroups posed the question, "What are your top ten favorite desserts?"

The fact that I can't have dessert anymore doesn't keep me from reminiscing about those creamy-sweet days of yore. So here's my Top Ten List, in no particular order:

Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Any kind of pie
My grandma's carrot cake with cream-cheese icing
Homemade Christmas cookies, especially my aunt's Russian tea cakes
Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake
Chai tea creme brulee from Max's Grill in Pacific Grove
Godiva chocolates
Chocolate eclairs
Banana spring rolls from PF Chang's

Damn. Now I'm hungry!

So, what about you? ;)

1 comment:

heyitsyi said...

Okay, how can words make my mouth water? I am completely craving some pies right now. And cupcakes.

What exactly are banana spring rolls? I think I'll have to try them soon.