Thursday, December 25, 2008


We waited to open our gifts this morning, and the living room looked as if it were about to drown in wrapping paper!

Don liked the new bathrobe, Rolling Stones Blu-ray disc, yo-yo and Magic 8-Ball I got him. (Yes, believe it or not, I'm married to a 50+ year old guy who still plays with toys!)

Speaking of toys, Timothy went bats over the cute little blue mouse my pal knitted for him:


And as for me, I made a real haul! First, I got those yummy black patent leather boots I was drooling over!

These boots are made for stompin', yo! ;)

Got all three of the newest Doctor Who novels, a set of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, Tori Amos and Heart Blu-ray discs, The Lost Boys on Blu-ray, and (although you can't see it because everything else is stacked on top of it), a really cool lap-desk with a light on it, for reading in the living room.

Okay, I'm tired now. Time for breakfast. ;)

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