Monday, February 2, 2009

By Chance is now available!

Last year at this time I was just another struggling, unpublished author. This year I have three books out, with another on the way in May! What a difference 365 days make!

Here's a tiny taste of my new m/m romance to whet your lusty appetites:

Wealthy, arrogant Eric Courtland is an island unto himself, and content to stay that way until chance brings quarterback Nick Thompson into his life. Nick's warm and easy nature pierces straight through Eric's well-fortified defenses and coaxes him out of his shell.

It doesn't take long for their friendship to deepen into love. But Eric's fear of commitment and Nick's inability to come to terms with his own sexuality threaten to tear them apart.

By Chance is the third installment in Cat Grant's best-selling Courtland Chronicles Series.

Go here to read an excerpt.

And go here to buy your very own copy!

Thank you all for your wonderful support over this past year. It's truly appreciated. ;)

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