Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Reposted with permission.


Rainbow Romance Writers is the newest Special Interest Chapter within the Romance Writers of America. A lot of hard work has gone into setting us up as a chapter, but we are very proud to announce that writers specializing in LGBT romance now have a specific place to network with other career-focused writers and concentrate on our unique needs within the romance genre.

Our goals are:

* to promote excellence in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender romances
* to help members become published in LGBT romances
* to be an advocate within the industry for our genre
* to be a resource to our members and others on writing and the publishing industry

We currently have 39 wonderful members who represent all different aspects of the LGBT romance genre.

Interested writers can contact us at if they would like to become members of Rainbow Romance Writers. They can also email me directly at

I have to admit, I never thought those stodgy old dinosaurs at RWA would ever approve this chapter, but I'm overjoyed that they have. And yes, I'm a member, and proud of it!

It may be a tiny victory, but those are the ones that taste the sweetest. ;)

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