Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dontcha just love promo?

Actually, I don't, but this is a special occasion! Author Mel Keegan's opened a fabbo new wiki called GLBT Bookshelf, where other authors of GLBT fiction can post their own pages - for *free.* Yes, you heard me right - FREE.

So if you've got a few spare minutes, c'mon over and take a look at my new author page, which my talented webmistress was kind enough to design for me, since I have Teh Dumb when it comes to HTML.


Angie said...

Your pages look really nice. :)

I just registered and am waiting for the confirmation-thingy. I'm not sure what to do with my page(s), though. I have neither a banner with my name on it, nor any e-books with individual covers on them. :/ I have a feeling my pages are going to be pretty darned blah.

At least it'll contribute to the completeness of the wiki, which is good.


Cat Grant said...

Looks like it'll be a good promotional tool - and it's free, so why not? Although I wouldn't have anything up if it weren't for my webmistress. I'm hopeless at HTML.

Angie said...

I know the basic-basics, but nothing fancy. And my graphics skillz are limited to cropping and resizing photos. I tried adding text to one once, to make an icon, and the results were... let's say "unfortunate." [wry smile]

But you're right -- it's free advertizing, and it looks like the site's drawing a lot of traffic so it can't hurt.