Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another great review!

I thought my Torquere Press Single Shot, Lil's Boy/Everything Good and True wouldn't get any more reviews, but today TCM Reviews gave it a rave!

Here's what the reviewer, Shannon Frost, had to say:

"Sarah Roger’s “Lil’s Boy / Everything’s Good and True” is a beautifully written novella that’s broken into two parts, the first being the beginning of Alex and Tom’s relationship, the second taking place years later after they’ve returned from the war and are trying to rebuild their lives. The story is told from the first-person perspective of Alex, whose voice is strong with his emotions being easily transferred from page to reader, and there’s a loveliness to the prose overall. Alex and Tom face some daunting challenges, but their love and care for each other remains true, and it’s wonderful to read a story with two characters building such a strong relationship.

Both Alex and Tom are nicely crafted and endearing characters. For the most part, intimate interaction between them is done off page, nothing graphically described, which lends the story a sensual air and makes it feel more romance than erotica. Author Roger’s also does a wonderful job of setting up the early 20th century. As a Torquere Press Single Shot, the story is short, but every page is worthwhile. With as fine of a work as this was, there’s much hope to see more by Sarah Rogers in the future."

Hmmm... maybe I'll have to reconsider that Paris in the 1920's novel I was thinking about with these same two characters.

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