Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's that time again!

Someone on Twitter just reminded me that nominations for the 2010 EPIC Awards (formerly EPPIES) open today. And of course, as they do every year, they've changed the rules - although this year, it looks like they've changed them for the better. Now, since GLBT books are welcome in any category, they've eliminated the old exclusive GLBT category, which is fine by me. There was a lot of animosity generated last year over EPIC's refusal to allow GLBT books in the mainstream historical romance category.

So, to keep from potentially competing with myself, I've entered By Chance in the contemporary romance category, and Complications in contemporary erotic romance.

In another bit of related good news, Romance Writers of America has finally pulled its head out of the sand with regard to e-published authors, at least as far as their annual awards are concerned. Starting with the 2010 awards, they are allowing entries from all non-vanity, non-subsidy publishers for both the RITAs (published books) and Golden Heart (unpublished). They're even making it retroactive to 2008!

So I'm going to enter both The Arrangement and the collected print edition of By Chance, Strictly Business and Complications, tentatively titled Coming of Age. I'm sure they won't final - can you imagine those dinosaurs at RWA giving GLBT books a fair chance? - but I'm entering them anyway.

And now, time to stop avoiding writing, and write! ;)

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