Thursday, July 2, 2009

Riding the whirlwind...

I've got news, people - the three Courtland Chronicles prequel novellas (By Chance, Strictly Business and Complications) are coming to print by the end of the summer! In fact, I just received the print galleys yesterday. w00t!

Went to see Transformers for the second time today. I really loved seeing it in IMAX too, but when you sit down in the third row, most of the screen falls outside of one's normal field of vision. I saw a lot of stomping and crashing the first time around, but not much else. This time it was on a regular-sized screen, so I could actually follow what was going on!

The 4th of July's rapidly catching up with us. My plans for the holiday weekend include working on my print galleys, reading another author's book so that I can provide her with a snappy cover blurb, and going to see Public Enemies. I'm jonesing to see Johnny Depp rob banks and shoot people!

And if you've got an extra few minutes, I'm guest-blogging over on BookWenches tomorrow, July 3rd.

Have a great holiday, everyone! ;)

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