Saturday, November 14, 2009

How I spent my Friday the 13th...

And no, Jason didn't tag along!

It was a packed, fun-filled day yesterday, from the time my pal EM Lynley arrived till we arrived home and face-planted into our respective pillows. My book signing was a great success. A number of my local friends dropped by to help support me, and we sold half the store's stock of my two print books.

First, we stopped off at my local Borders store, which had brand-new copies of both my books for me to sign!

Yup, there they are, facing outward on the shelf! *preens*

Cradling my second baby! My motherly joy knows no bounds!

Then it was on to the scrumptious Gayle's Cafe in Capitola, where we had dinner, followed by this suspiciously phallic-shaped dessert:

Chocolate bread pudding - and yes, it was yummy!

And then we pushed on to our final destination for the evening, Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz, for my book signing party!

Here I am, right next to their impressive display of dildoes and harnesses! I felt rather inadequate by comparison. ;)

If you're in the neighborhood, they have more copies!

And now, time for Em and I to head on over to Whole Foods to get something yummy for dinner before an evening on the couch watching our favorite guys! ;)


Savannah Chase said...

congrats on the great looks like you had a great time...

jaeleen said...

Congratulations again, Nancy! It was great fun hanging out with you and Em last night.

The photos are gorgeous!

xoxo Jaeleen