Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Got so busy with holiday stuff yesterday - and working away on my new book! - that I forgot to draw a winner!

So I'll have to draw two today!

The winners are: Chris & Chele Blades!

I'll get your prizes out to you asap! :)

PS - Cheles, I don't have your email addy. Could you please put it in a comment so I know where to send your prize? Thanks!


Chris said...

Thank you!!

*bouncing around excitedly*

Erotic Horizon said...

Congrats girls...



Chele Blades said...

yea I am so excited. I am not sure why it does not show up so here it is in comment section seachele71@hotmail.com

I am sooo excited!!!
Respectfully a fan

n.c. jenks said...

Congrats, you two!!