Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Dean Day!


Welcome to Dean Winchester Day, aka Valentine's Day!

Last year a bunch of diehard Supernatural fans got together and declared February 14th as Dean Day. They had so much fun, they decided to do it again! I'm a bit late to the tradition, but I hope it carries on for many years to come, because let's face it... Dean Winchester is the perfect valentine!

For one thing, he's unfailingly brave and loyal - the definition of a hero. He's literally walked through fire - in Hell! - for the sake of his own brother. Time after time, he's sacrificed himself for the people he loves.

He's got a great - albeit dorky! - sense of humor (watch "Hell House" if you don't believe me!), and terrific taste in music. Gotta love a classic rock man!

And the actor who plays him is pretty darn hot, too! I'd never heard of Jensen Ackles before I saw him on Smallville the season before Supernatural started, but even that didn't prepare me for the power and charisma he brings to the role of Dean. He's literally moved me to tears more times than I can remember. He and his co-star Jared Padalecki have a special kind of chemistry that draws me in and keeps me coming back week after week.

In celebration of this great day, I'm giving away a copy of the Supernatural TV soundtrack.


This contest is open for anywhere ships! Leave a comment to enter. I'll draw a winner by the end of the day. :)


Fallon said...

So glad you could join us this year! Awesome post and Happy Dean Day!

Bronwyn Green said...

Happy Dean Day, Cat!

I'm with you - oh the tears that man has caused me to shed...

Amy Lane said...

whoa, baby, you are playin' my song! me me me me me!!! Happy Dean Day-- I always knew he'd have his very own! (Dean Winchester is my GUY!)

Jennifer Mathis said...

great giveaway please enter me and happy dean day

tetewa said...

My favorite show on tv! I have a group of friends who come over every Friday and we all watch it together. Enjoy Dean day but where is Sam day?

Redd said...

*smiles* I'm new to the celebration too, Cat! Yeah, Dean can be dorky which makes him soooooooo cute!!!

Dontcha just love the family love that he has for Sam? It's one of the big things about the's important.

Have a wonderful Dean Day Cat!

joder said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And you stated it perfectly why we love him so much. It's not just looks, it's also heart. He literally would die for those he loves and seeing those intense emotions is all sorts of sexy.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Kasumi said...

Thank you and happy D-Day to you!

I think Amazon ships to Spain. So, please, enter me!


Eliza Gayle said...

Great post, Cat. Glad you joined in. Happy Dean Day!