Monday, May 9, 2011

Three years, gone by in a flash!

This past May 4th marked my third anniversary as a published author. My first book, THE ARRANGEMENT, hit the virtual shelves in 2008, and is now officially out of print.

Which, IMO, isn't entirely a bad thing. I recently had a chance to take a look at the book again, and I can definitely see places to improve it. My hero, Eric, didn't come off too sympathetically to a lot of readers, so I've decided to remedy that, and add a little more sharin' and carin' amongst Eric, Nick and Ally, my first beloved menage.

Rereading the book after so long's been interesting. Honestly, there are parts I don't remember writing at all! In a way, it's like reading something someone else wrote. I can take a step back and view the work dispassionately, without being so caught up in it that I can't see where it needs a nip n' tuck here, an expansion there.

I hope to have the book out again soon, new and improved! Hopefully those of you who didn't care for the original version will give it another chance.

Never let it be said that I don't listen to my readers. :)

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