Sunday, November 6, 2011

Riding the wave...

It's been an incredible launch week for my new publisher, Riptide Publishing. They've gone viral, which is great for them, and for me. My new book Once a Marine is climbing the charts at Amazon Kindle and All Romance ebooks. Color me pleased!

OAM's also garnering some great reviews - and some not-so-great ones. In fact, I haven't received such mixed notices on a book (from both readers and reviewers) since my first book came out in 2008. But that's a good thing - it means the book is engaging people. No reason an entertaining read can't be thought-provoking too!

In other news... my publisher/editor/good friend/fellow Fassbender fanatic Rachel Haimowitz is visiting me for the next week or so, and last night we FINALLY started drafting this insanely hot, super-kinky m/m novel we've been brainstorming on Twitter since last July. Just THINKING about the next sex scene we're about to write has me dancing on my chair! Can't wait for you all to read it... sometime next year.

Yup, I can tease with the best of them. :)

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