Friday, July 10, 2009

Cat Grant Week - the thunderous conclusion!

This week's been very good for my writerly ego! First, I turned in the print galleys for the collected paperback edition of By Chance, Strictly Business and Complications.

Then I started the fifth and last Courtland book, Triad.

Then I got the wonderful news that a local sex-toy shop has not only decided to carry the paperback edition of The Arrangement in their store, but they want me to do a booksigning once the new paperback is out! w00t!

And finally, today Erotic Horizon posted her review of The Arrangement, as well as an exclusive interview with my beloved hero, Eric Courtland.

Also included with the interview is an exclusive sneak peek at the opening scene of Triad, which I actually just finished writing a couple of days ago! Talk about fresh off the vine!

A big thank-you to EH for putting me in the spotlight all week. Next week's bound to be a bit of a letdown, Tori Amos concert notwithstanding! ;)

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