Thursday, July 9, 2009

The hump day ho-hum.

Cat Grant Week continues at the Erotic Horizon blog! Today it's Complications.

In other news... I'm starting to wonder if trying to get any writing done during the week is an exercise in futility. I'm so envious of people who can knock out 5,000 words a day without even breaking a sweat, sometimes on more than one project. And they have families and full-time jobs too! Where the hell do they find the time? Or are they simply more disciplined?

It doesn't matter how many hours I slog away at my current WIP, I rarely get past 1,000 words a day - 1,500 if I'm lucky.

Lately time just seems to fly away from me. I'll be doing something, and when I look up, two hours have gone by. Everything speeds up when I need it to slow down! At this rate, it'll be Christmastime before I know it, and this new book still won't be finished. :(

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