Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Release day!

Appearing Nightly sashays across the stage today at Ellora's Cave!

You'd think after nine books (!!!), I'd be pretty jaded about release days, but nope - they're still a genuine thrill. I'm very grateful that EC took a chance on this quirky little book. You don't see too many drag queen romances out there!

A year ago I never would've considered writing anything like this. But then I saw an amazing documentary called Paris Is Burning, about African-American and Latino drag queens in 1980s Manhattan. It touched me in ways I hadn't expected. I'd never understood the appeal of effeminate men until I saw this film, but afterwards I couldn't shake it from my mind. I wanted to know a drag queen's heart, get inside his head. So when Mike, my hooker hero Cameron's best friend from The First Real Thing practically jumped off the page at me, I knew I had to give him his own book.

I hope you all enjoy his story. :)


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Chris said...

Congrats on the release!