Saturday, December 31, 2011

As the ball drops...

In Times Square, we bid farewell to 2011!

This year has just flown by for me. In between publishing Entangled Trio, A Fool for You and Once a Marine, I attended RT in LA in April, Authors After Dark in Philly in August and GayRomLit in NOLA in October. And finished Power Play: Resistance, the first half of a m/m total-power-exchange kinkapalooza I'm co-writing with Rachel Haimowitz.

Next year? I plan to move cross country (California to New Jersey), finish up Book #2 of Power Play, rewrite my Courtland books for republication with Riptide, and oh... write two or three new books?

Sleep? What's that??

So, what are your plans for the New Year? :)


Lori said...

I love the beginning of a new year and making plans. Although moving cross country is pretty big.

I plan on redo-ing my upstairs half bath because it's a frwaking mess. I want to learn to can (make jellies and relishes) and writing? I would love to finish some of the books I've started and put aside.

Hope you have a happy new year ma'am!

Brien Michaels said...

I'm definitely planning on writing as much as possible. Along with doing RT, and Romanticon. I'm even trying to fit in AAD. :)

Cat Grant said...

Lori - Thanks! Have a great new year yourself!

Brien - Aw, you need to come to GayRomLit too! It's a blast! (Although we'll have to make time to hang out at AAD too!)

andys said...

Write more! No, really - I want to get faster and better at it. That's the goal.

tracykitn said...

Immediately, I just want to get my husband walking again (he had surgery to remove a bone spur under his Achilles tendon and he's been on crutches since Thanksgiving.) He's military, so after that, there's a deployment coming up. Three kids, so I'll just be taking everything one day at a time to get through that with sanity, family and marriage intact. I've learned not to try to make too many plans, because this whole military thing can turn them upside down in a heartbeat...

Cat Grant said...

@ andys - I need to learn to write faster too. God knows I'll have plenty of practice in 2012!

Alex said...

Good luck with the move and welcome to the East Coast!

I plan on losing this hibernation weight I've gained since my accident (from back in was a long swear). But more importantly I will get one of my novels finished edited and submitted to a publisher (only to be ripped to shreds, I'm sure :).

And organize my time better (aka, less internet distractions, but we all know how that goes!)

Happy New Year!

Cora Zane said...

Happy New Year, Cat!

I'll be hitting the ground running in 2012. I have deadlines, plus a panel coming up in February, the Written in the Stars Conference in March, and shortly afterward, I'll be flying to north Chicago for my son's naval graduation. :*)

It's kinda scary thinking about all of that, but somehow it will all get done. If nothing else, 2012 will be busy. Hehehe!

Brightest wishes!

BJ said...

God luck with your goals! As for mine--just one really simple one. I want to take time for ME this year. Roommate lost her job earlier this year, her unemployment ends next week(though she can apply for an extension, which god I so hope she gets!), and I've taken on a lot of extra work (and an extra job, bringing my total to three jobs) to cover the household when she isn't able to pay anything. It seems that I spend morning to night chained at the computer, taking stolen moments here and there, but nothing really for myself. I'd love to curl up with a book (e or print) and just relax. Or take a nice long bath without stressing about work, or sleep in past 7 on a weekend. Or watch a Tv show without my laptop and work between me and the screen. Or really...anything just frivolous and for me.

Emme Adams said...

Happy New Year, Cat! My biggest plan of 2012 is to get a new kidney-- and keep it this time! If that works out, I'll get my first passport and see if I can venture outside of the US for the first time in 25 years. And lastly, I hope to finish writing my first novel.

Brita Addams said...

Hi Cat,

You have some exciting things going for the new year! Love it.

I'll be writing more Romeo Club installments, finishing up a novel that I wrote even before the Sapphire Club and then writing a novel set in old Hollywood, hopefully for Riptide. Should be a great year!

Happy New Year to all. I'll be sleeping at midnight. How did I NOT remember the wine for tonight. UGH.

Carla said...

Welcome to Jersey, where you can check out but never leave. ;) This is the year I hopefully win the battle against the insurance company covering "Orphan Drugs". I hope to be able to leave a positive life impression on at least one person and be a kinder, gentler me.

Cherie Noel said...

Happy New Year Cat!

My plans for next year are outlined on my blog, but I'd be happy to recap here!

1)Write two books a month.
2)Publish Two books a month.
3)Keep my liebling home where she belongs and keep her healthy.
4) Keep my baby brother safe, and well, and kick anyone's ass who fucks with him.
5) Kick their asses hard enough that their grandkids still feel it. Um and that goes the same for folks who fuck with my liebling (aka, the kidlet)
6)tell the people I love that I love them as often as possible.
7) Get Daniel here.
8) Buy a house
9) Remember to thank everyone who has been kind to me, and do it in ways meaningful to THEM.
10) Lick a stripper. Again.
11) Fall in love. Again.
12) Live life as it was intended, loud and proud. And have a helluva lot of fun!

Oh, and see you at GRL 2012

Laura Antoniou said...

At a Days Inn in Florence, SC, halfway home from a road trip to see Mom in Florida. Just had dinner at a local restaurant called Redbone; there's a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge and me and the wife will look for something entertaining on TV. Ball dropping and huge parties and streamers? Not on the agenda. But a Happy New Year nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

For tonight, I'm staying home. I plan to do writing sprint through midnight to kick things off right. I'm still working on writing goals for the year, but basically, I want to write more novels. I have four on the front burner (a standalone and a trilogy), so all that's left to do is write them. Simple, right? ;)

Cat Grant said...

@ Tracy - Good luck with your husband. Hope he's on his feet soon!

@ Alex - I know what you mean about hibernation weight. I've been so, SO bad about eating right & exercising these past few months. Guess what's first on my new year's resolutions list?

@ Cora - Maybe I'll see you at a conference sometime? It would be great to meet you in person. Happy New Year!

@ BJ - Time for one's self is ESSENTIAL. Let's see if we can get you a book or two to while away an afternoon. Sounds like you deserve it!

@ Emme - I just got a new passport too. Hoping to visit a friend in Toronto next year - and maybe Great Britain in 2013, money & weather permitting.

@ Brita - C'mon over! I've got enough wine for an army! LOL!

@ Carla - You make Jersey sound like the Hotel California - which I'm finally leaving after 52+ years! Yes, I am, in fact, CRAZY!

@ Cherie - Wow, and I thought MY list was long! Here's hoping you get everything you wish for! And yes, we'll have to have lunch or dinner or something at GRL 2012!

@ Laura - Safe trip home! Hopefully I'll be able to attend one of your readings once I move to Jersey.

Carrie Clevenger said...

Haha, plans. new Year's. This year has flown by and crawled. I accomplished things that I hadn't thought possible and set plans for 12 to accomplish even more. Tonight, I'll take the one night I have free to put time in on my work in progress. And maybe have a nice spicy iced tea, whereafter I'll immediately pass out like an old lady. 35. Fun times.

Happy New Year Cat. :)

Naaju Rorrete said...

Cat, you’ll love the East Coast, is full of great people with blue skies and unforgettable sunsets. I just came in from a walk around my neighborhood, is peaceful and the air is wonderful to breathe, even with the subtle scent of wood burning in the fireplace.

I’m staying home, writing and planning my joining of the dark side. They have ebooks over there.

Happy new year everybody!

Anonymous said...

Starting in the New Year I plan to track down my elusive muse and chain that sucker to the table while I hopefully get back into writing mode. I also want to get my newly-established knitting shop more attention and possibly even some business! That would be nice. That's me, hope y'all have a Happy New Year!