Thursday, December 29, 2011

My happiest Christmas memory...

Was when I was around twelve or thirteen. We'd lost our family pet, a beloved elderly dachshund named Susie, a few months before, and I was begging our parents for a new puppy. But my mother put her foot down - she and Dad had had Susie since before I was born, so her loss hit them hard too.

But on Christmas Eve, my grandmother showed up with this tiny bundle of orange fur in her arms. Her cat had had kittens awhile ago, and she'd brought me one of them. I'd always been a dog person up till then, but my sweet girl Dusty converted me. I've been a cat lover ever since.

So, what's your happiest Christmas memory? Leave a comment & you might just win a GayRomLit swag bag or a Kindle Fire!

Winners will be drawn on Sunday, January 1st! :-)


Alex said...

My happiest Christmas memory happened every year up until my brothers and I were all older. We'd wake up horribly early, but we weren't allowed to wake Mom and Dad until 6 or 7, so we'd skitter between our rooms, frequently glancing at the time until we'd finally pounce.

Then we had to wait at the top of the stairs (sometimes sneaking down to the bottom, but never beyond!) while my dad made sure Santa had come and eaten the cookies, and then he had to make his cup of coffee and take pictures of the tree.

It was torture! But the giggling anticipation of straining to peek around the corner and see what we'd gotten was amazing, and it will always be fond in my heart.

Brien Michaels said...

My happiest Christmas memory is actually last Christmas. My ex and I had had a falling out and he invited me to come to his house Christmas Eve. I went, grudgingly, and we sat and talked until after midnight, when he promptly tossed a sweater on my head.

The two of us were up laughing and joking and playing around until nearly 5 am, when I had to leave because I had to be at work at one. His mother even gave us cake. :)

Best Christmas ever.

Lori said...

My daughter is 10 and starting to question whether Santa is real. Of course, Santa doesn't leave presents for children who don't believe in him.

So my WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) crazy child looked and looked but found no gift from Santa. "Could he have left coal in your stocking?" I asked innocently.

She checked and found that Santa had come and left her tickets to see WWE live. The joy in her face was perfect.

Best Christmas moment ever.

Sarah said...

My happiest Christmas memory was the last one with my grandad... I was eight and we always watched James bond together a Christmas... And I remember him and me sneaking of to watch it ... Such a simple thing but I love those movies not because they are amazing but because of the sniffly feeling I get watching them now :-D