Tuesday, December 27, 2011

White elephant, anyone?

So... what's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received? Something you couldn't WAIT to regift?

Leave a comment (pictures of the offending object(s) will gain you brownie points!) for a chance to win a Kindle Fire! A GayRomLit swag bag! Blu-rays of X-Men First Class!!

Winners will be drawn on January 1st. :-)


aprilrenee76 said...

I received a gift of Depends and Ensure frm a co worker because I just had a couple teeth pulled...not sure why she gifted me those but I think I will give this to my elderly neighbor across the street..Im sure she will have more use for that than I will-she is in her 70's and I am in my early 30's LOL

Jason said...

a older woman that worked in the same building made a horrible flower arrangement of fake flowers in a basket and told me she had made it for my desk at work. Since we worked together, I ended up having that horrible thing on my desk for years. :)


Alex said...

Aside from things from my grandmother (who just doesn't know better...), my older brother last year got me a puzzle, which isn't bad, but he got me a frame too, indicating I should hang it on my wall.

I think he thinks I'm a 14-year-old girl...: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/20944_536449648995_55400563_31879847_6250158_n.jpg

(It's a perfectly nice puzzle, but not something I'd hang on my wall...)

Jayel Kaye said...

one year , from an officemate, I received an Adult Toy. Not saying what... but it was anatomically realistic and came with extra battteries. Nuff said! I thought it funny until I realized, shouldn't it have come in a wrapper of some kind? I mean sealed in something plastic? Not sure, but I think it was regifted!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Even for a gag gift, I think it went a tad far!

Cat Grant said...

Gawd, these all put my worst gifts to shame!

And Jayel... yours give a whole new meaning to "gag gift." LOL!

Lori said...

Oh dear... well, kinda stretching the rukes here a little but, we did a gift exchange at work and the person I got said she wanted logs. I mean, I take a bus to work and she wants me to bring her logs???

Anyway, she got a gift bag with a sausage log, a yule log and Lincoln Logs.

She wasn't happy.

Brien Michaels said...

OMJC these all put my worst gifts to shame, too! I once got Britney Spears' Britney album a week after Christmas, opened and there were three scratches on the cd. I was not amused. -_-

Angelia Sparrow said...

Some gifts pass bad and go straight into Family Legend. Such is the tale of The Dress.

I was 5 mo pregnant with my first. 6' tall, all curves, size 16. Lots of long red hair and a nice autumn complexion.

My stepmother did all the Christmas shopping that year. She is 5' and never wore larger than a size 3 in her life.

She bought me a maternity dress. Mudd and my grandmother both said I stared aghast for a long minute when I opened the box,

It was black. With a drop waist, a rib knit skirt to bind my knees together and make me fall, a peplum and a bow on the butt. But all of these cannot to the print. It was printed with flowers and bubbles in pink and orange and green and blue and purple. It had a peter pan collar, and a little orange button and a black bow and pink button and a black bow and a blue button.

I looked like Peggy Bundy in the thing.

My mother asked "How much does this woman hate you?" when she saw it.

When i exchanged it, there were SIX IDENTICAL DRESSES on the rack.

edie said...

I think I'm a pretty easy person to buy gifts for. I have quite a few interests, candy always works to make me happy. There was even a little like, fill in thing for the gift exchange where you gave your giver ideas. Instead of going with anything I suggested, I got a gift certificate to the local grocery store. Which sure, that would be great! Except, there was a $20 limit and I got to the counter and it was for only $5.

Erotic Horizon said...

Happy holidays to you Cat hope you had a grand time

Wishing you also many many success for the New Year...

Thank you for a fun fun year in reading...

As for the gift - not sure mine is a white elephant, but more like scare the hell out of me kind of gift..

My neighbours bought me a pair of glass cut clowns... for anyone who knows me - know I am scared of

Straight into the back of the closet they go until I can not so guiltily get rid of them...


Sarah said...

When I was younger my stepmom bought me every piece of take that merchandise going... Which would have great had I even liked them

Sarah S